Can't get enough of the mobile casino slots? You have a wide selection of options next time you play mobile slots on your iPhone, iPad or Android-powered smartphone or tablet. Our guide to the best slots mobile casino games will help you discover fun, new games, along with some fabulous jackpots, free spins and bonus rounds!

Play Mobile Slots for Fun or Real:


Whether you're in the UK, the U.S., Europe, Australia or Canada, you can choose from a wide range of free or real money iPhone, iPad and Android slots games. Slots have gone far beyond the typical fruits game. There's a theme and concept to fit any personality or style. What's more, different slots games offer a different win criteria, so you'll want to pick an online mobile slots game with the highest number of win lines, bonuses and the top jackpots!

You can always play for fun, but if you opt to play mobile slots for real money you'll want to find the game that offers the best odds for a win. We'll help you find the top slots mobile casino games with the highest progressive jackpots and bonuses.

Remember, they're competing for your business, so take advantage of the incentive bonuses and jackpots, with spins priced as little as one pence!


As one of the most popular and exciting casino games, slot machines offer the biggest jackpots - especially the ones with a progressive jackpot! Compare to the traditional online record-breaking jackpot wins on real money casinos and you'll clearly see the difference.

For instance, the Mega Fortune Dreams game holds two Guinness World Records for the largest online casino jackpots, totalling an incredible €17.9 million and €11.7 million. Compared to these wins, the £3.7 million record mobile win - which equals just over $6 million in US dollars - seems quite modest! But it's fairly representative of the differential between online casino jackpots and real money iPhoneiPad and Android slots.


When looking for a great real money mobile casino slots game, it's important to look for a few different qualities.

Firstly, you'll want a game that offers easy game play on a small screen. Even though many mobile slots games are designed for phones and tablets, they're not always easy to play on a small screen.

You'll also want to be on the look-out for real money mobile casino slots that feature goodies like lots of paylines, free spins and bonuses, along with lots of perks like wilds, scatters and multipliers.

When playing real money mobile casino slots on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, it's also important to observe the cardinal rule for gambling on your phone or tablet: only play with a stable internet connection! There are few things worse in the world than getting 'unplugged' from your WiFi hot spot just when the game is getting good! So make sure you're playing in a location with a reliable connection, or risk getting cut off mid-spin.